Friday, March 25, 2005

Mystifyingly Glad - Show 1

The first ever Mystifyingly Glad Podcast is now available.

Show One Tracklist :

  • Mr. Dieingly Sad : The Critters
  • Kites Are Fun : The Free Design
  • Sailing : Best of Friends
The Critters, a fine singles oriented soft rock group on the Karma Sutra label. Thier CD re-issues seem to be pretty thin on the ground but you can find Mr. Dyeingly Sad on a number of compilations including Lost Hits of the '60's

Kites Are Fun is one of the classic Sunshine Pop songs and The Free Design perhaps the greatest vocalists the genre produced. Find Kites are Fun and 19 other gems on Very Best of Free Design

As for Sailing - I can't find a thing about it on the web. My copy of the song came off a mix disc burned by a friend of a friend so i don't know if the song is super obscure or if the tracklisting mis-identified it. Either way it's a great song.